Newly Admitted Students

​Welcome to our program! 

On this page, you will find information about next steps following admission to the program. Despite classes being a few months away, there are several steps you can take now to ensure a smooth transition into graduate school. This step-by-step guide will help prepare you for your first semester at UNC Charlotte. The Center for Graduate Life has also created a Graduate Student Onboarding Portal that contains lots of helpful information about steps new students should take as they transition to graduate school.

  1. Reply to the acceptance letter that you intend to enroll.
  2. Set up your NinerNET account. Instructions and a password will be included in your admission decision letter from the Graduate School. 
  3. Register for classes after meeting with the Graduate Program Director the summer before you begin the program. During that meeting, you will talk about your plan of study and review your class options for the fall semester. Then, you will receive registration permits and be able to add classes through Banner (visit and then click on "Banner Self Service" to register).
  4. Pay your tuition. Your first payment is due just prior to the first week of class; specific dates are published each semester in the academic calendar. You will pay your tuition online through your student account, and you may set up a payment plan with the university. See the billing information website for more information. 
  5. Buy your books. Your options for purchasing textbooks are: the University Bookstore, located in the Student Union, or online retailers like Amazon. Note that the university bookstore price matches with Amazon and local booksellers!
  6. Obtain a 49er card (student ID). To get your ID, you need to upload a photo that follows the submission guidelines and then make an appointment to pick up your card in the 49er Card Office. See detailed instructions on the 49er ID Card website.
  7. Obtain a parking permit (unless you are planning to take public transportation to campus). See the Parking and Transportation Services website for more information about parking and other transportation options.
  8. Submit your immunization records
  9. Make sure you are in compliance with insurance requirements. NOTE: You will be charged for the student health insurance by default. To waive this, you will need to prove you have other insurance coverage.
  10. Attend relevant orientation sessions for new graduate students. There is a new student orientation sponsored by the Graduate School each fall, and you will also attend a departmental orientation the week before classes start.